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The marie antionettes of this world…

Yes I am a sucker for television series’ and get hooked on them the exact second I start to watch them and now I have another guilty confession and that is the lives of New York’s elite, yes I hate to admit it but it is those girls and boys that make up Gossip Girl. There is so much wrong with this show, yet I love it to pieces and have watched the whole first season in less than a week. Oh I feel guilty already for even bringing this up and so so embarrassed. Yet, it is highly addictive in an incredibly lame way. Firstly, the most horribly lame thing about this show is the opening I guess you could call it credits in which we hear the ambiguous narrator Gossip Girl say: “xoxo Gossip Girl”. Oh it’s really enough to make you sick. The other thing that really bugs me is Dan and his so called under-privledged family living in a loft in Brooklyn wah wah. Under-privledged my ass, well maybe compared to every other spoilt brat in the show but still their loft is amazing and I would never even consider them to be under-privledged. However, what I do like is the storyline, originally I considered it as so lame that Serena (or S as everyone refers to her as, “the it girl”) left New York for a year because she slept with her best friend Blair’s boyfriend wah wah wah- they were always going to get over that. However, things are a lot more sinister than they appear especially with the arrival of Georgina about three quarters through the season her arrival foregrounded by a mysterious array of gifts sent to Serena including cases of champagne, cocaine and porn. This definitely heats things up a bit. Except the show is slightly pathetic and so are all it’s characters so scared of this Gossip Girl where all of them use Gossip Girl to send out ludicrous rumours, which in some cases are very true or very false. The bitch of them all is Blair who uses Gossip Girl to get back at people some in the most bitchy way but some for people that she actually cares out to protect them, maybe she’s slightly nicer than she pretends to be and maybe Chuck the ultimate sleeze isn’t as sleezy as he appears. As for Dan or as Gossip Girl refers to him as Lonely Boy isn’t as much of an outsider as he appears. Everything is slightly all over the place and I find Nate so incredibly boring that his role in the show becomes completely redundant, except for playing the somewhat ‘nice guy,’ but I think Dan kills him on this front.

New York's elite

What is even more exciting or not is the adults whose lives are even more ludicrous than the teenages including drug abuse, affairs with groupies and that never0-ending class battle between the rich and the poor. It’s that typical mixture of teenages with parents even more messed up than they are, who are only interested in class standing, with exception to Dan’s dad who is the reformed rock star and actually seems to give a damn. Serena’s mum is sympathetic, yet still goes for the rich man with Chuck as the son. Sorry if I’m ruining this for anyone. I’m sorry but it’s so unrealistic there hasn’t been this many problems with parents and children. Yet I guess this is what makes it such a joy to watch we love the drama as much as we want everything to be happy we want everything to fuck up and then watch them suffer to life again. It is a tv show it’s not reality. We wish we were the characters but at the same time we recognise that we would hate them if they actually existed. I just know that if I ever met someone like Blair (and I have met a few kind of like her) that I would despise her and that if I met a Dan I would probably fall head over heels in love with him and want to kill Chuck Bass. Yet, there are times when I love Blair when I think Chuck is awesome and when I completely hate Dan. And that’s the fun of tv shows we watch everything fall to shit and we watch it recindle as we restore our faith in characters or perhaps change our minds and just when we do we find out that really they haven’t and we go back to hating them. Who will end up with who? I secretly can’t wait to find out!


Advertising and Secretaries…why Mad Men is so seductive

Ok so it’s not a movie, but I do not care this show is fucking awesome that it deserves more than one mention. For once it is completely and utterly addictive and draws me right into this 1960s world that I just want to live in because of the fashion with men in suits and women in gorgeous frocks, take me there now. Yet there is so more to this show, it is completely seductive, you’re not sure if you love or hate the characters, you want to know if they are good or bad or just in between. I guess this is what draws you in, you want to know more you want to uncover all those office secrets, all the things that happen between secretaries and their cocky male boses, in this truly repressed society, well for the women anyway.

Don Draper, do i love you?

Don Draper, do i love you?

Basically this show is about office affairs in all manners, whether it be daily advertising pitches or love affairs, it is a complete tangle of knowing looks and hidden smiles, where nothing is really what it seems. Especially concerning front man Don Draper, the mystery man that nobody knows anything about but loves and admires anyway. It is this plot that drives you through all thirteen episodes in a mere few days or a few hours, well that is how it feels until you realise that it is 2am in the morning and you have spent the last five hours in the world of office politics. This show is beyond slick from the soundtrack to those lovely pressed suits and high contrast cinematography, with that whole 60s love affair, oh man i even just love the furniture. Yes it may be that I am in love with this Tv show because it is no irristably good, so good in fact that I could spend my whole life watching this show and be extremely happy. I have always founnd myself living vicariously through Tv shows it started with Gilmore Girls, then Scrubs, Dawson’s Creek, but this, this is actually good, in terms of everything it is no trashy teenage Tv show it is everything a Tv show should be and I seriously doubt there is any other Tv show that could possibly match its brilliance. It is filmed well, acted well, and looks fantastic, take me back to the 60s please, please, please.

those irrestably slick advertisers

those irristably slick advertisers

It is really hard to find anything wrong about this television show and I recommend everyone of you out there to get a copy of this television show, as long as you do not steal it off me because then I will have to hunt you down, because I now do not think I could live without it. Ok, so it may appear that I am going slightly over the top and yes it may seem familiar I always fall into the lives of characters and get completely addicted to other tv shows but this is so completely different because it is so good that it should be played at the movies, on a big screen it looks that amazing, using long takes and being creative for once showing us that this is everything that television should be and just isn’t, but then I guess that Mad Men would not be a special treat that I feel I can keep all to myself, because that is what it feels like. The men in this show are so completely self absorbed and think that they can get whatever they want as their women secretaries float around them typing on those typwriters, in fact I feel like thorought the show I am constantly hearing typwriters and telephones ringing, you barelly get a rest. As for the other women they live their lives as gossipy housewives, looking down upon divorced, single women, while their husbands are having affairs with every other woman in Manhattan. The question is to ask, will they ever learn? Will the husbands ever become truthful to their wives or will it just continue. Ah, I wish I had season two, I want to know what comes next!

the men and their servants

the men and their servants

Yet, there is so much more to this show than just love affairs and office politics there is the secrets and bitterness, that is so subtle that you only discover it when it is eventually revealed shockingly, and then you realise wow that was going on all the time. This is because each character within Mad Men is subtelly important even if they do not appear in a few episodes they will return and shock you, or you will realise a little more about their character, and yeah maybe they are a bit smarter than they appear. This is especially the case for all the women in this show that are so underestimated by the men around them who look at them like a piece of meat rather than a person, this point is so perfectly articulated when Peggy Olson is sitting at her desk and all the men walk past casting a glance here, a wink there, all edited together so well to reveal that these men are just looking for women to sleep with, another perk of their advertising careers- cute secretaries. The real great thing about this show, well apart from everything that I have just mentioned is the subtle rising powers of the women around these men, they are beginning to suspect and realise that everything is not ‘swell,’ (oh and this phrase another reason why I love this show) there is much, much more going on than anyone could ever imagine. Watch the men get so terribly angry as the women move up conflicting with their manly security.

So watch this show, get hooked and then tell me about the love you feel for it, and if not I will keep it to myself, because I think I bear the secret to a great tv show.