This is me

Basically, I am Hannah and I started this blog to get all my thoughts about movies out there because I love film, and everything about cinema. I am studying media majoring in cinema studies, where my favourite film is Garden State, however I really do not think that there is any one genre that defines what films I like because I feel I am constantly finding new films that I like. I want to have a huge DVD collection and watch as broad a range of movies as possible and think it is absolutely ridiculous to not enjoy a film because it has subtitles or is in black and white, it is barelly an excuse.

My favourite movies are: Garden State, The Shining, Control, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Pulp Fiction and Across the Universe, just to name a few

My blog will basically be movie ramblings and other bits and pieces that may include tv shows or my thoughts on filmmaking, which is ultimately what I want to do, but i figure this gets my thoughts out there and I encourage everyone to comment and tell me what they think about the movies that ramble about or analyse or whatever.

Basically, my email adress is

if you want to contribute to this blog, or just want to contact me in general


One response to “This is me

  1. I love your blog.. You got good taste in movies. Please update more! 🙂

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