Sing a song, dance a dance

I have found a general theme through these blogs that lead me on to believe that my favourite films are those that have a really good soundtrack, are about music content wise, or are indeed musicals. However, just to clear this up and I do not care if you hate me forever, I really dislike Grease, yes kill me now. Nevertheless, the point of this blog post is the wonderful musical Singin’ in the Rain, (1952) directed and staring Gene Kelly, and also directed by Stanley Donen. To tell you the truth I have no idea why I was not exposed to this film earlier because I loved nearly every single bit about it. It was colourful, funny, had great songs and was about movies, which is something that I also love movies about movies. Due to the fact that at the moment I am studying Authorship and Narrative with particular focus on the filmmusical I have been handed articles that say Singin’ in the Rain is the only filmmusical that matches those of Ernst Lubitsch, whom was a Classical Hollywood director, who if was not born the filmmusical probably would not exist. However, this is not the point Singin’ in the Rain is pure glee, you cannot help but smile at these glorious characters who you know like singin’ in the rain, which makes me extraordinarily happy. I have a lot of favourite parts, but I will go through a few, firstly is the character Lina Lamont played by Jean Hagen. Her character is absolutely hysterical. She plays this ditzy yet manipulative female actress who has the most horrible high pitched voice you have probably ever heard, and therefore career is ruined when sound is introduced to the cinema. I love her because she has this high sense of superiority, when really everyone is absolutely irritated by her, and really cannot stand to be around her. My favourite scene with her is when she is getting trained by a voice coach, very much My Fair Lady and says “Can’t” in this very ugly over Americanised way as the voice coach hopelessly tried to make her say “Can’t” softly. It really is a lovely moment.

lina lemont

lina lemont

My second favourite part of this film is a scene when Cosmo Brown climbs up walls and jumps all over things like a crazy lunatic. Cosmo played by Donald O’Connor brings this hyper sense of energy to the film, which makes it shine  and honestly I love him, because he almost seems invincibly happy and go-lucky. Seriously, if the film in general does not leave a massive smile on your face his performance alone will. The next awesomely wonderful bit is the broadway scene at the end of the film, which could be summed up as an explosion of colour, dance and happiness as our main character gets whooshed into this magical world of broadway, it truly is marvellous, from the fashion of all the ladies in the background to the magnificent colour clash of the green dress, yellow vest and bright pink background that makes you feel like you’ve personally been taken into this magical world of happiness and wonder. So, yes maybe I am getting a bit carried away, I know some people that would absolutely hate this film because it is in fact too happy, yes he does sing in the rain and enjoys it. However this really is the spirit of the characters in this film, it’s all about living to be happy, which is something that I love.

i love the colour clashes so much

i love the colour clashes so much

Other things to mention are the “Good Morning” song, which makes you want to become a morning person, and where Charlie’s Angels obviously stole that flip over the couch dance move from tut tut tut. And actually according to imdb (the love of my life) there is a continuity error, where two people on the couch actually swap places which I will have to watch out for the next time I watch it. Also, of course the “Singin in the Rain” song, and how could I forget. My friend Holly perfectly summed up this scene by saying “I want a yellow raincoat and umbrella and go swinging around poles down the street.” That is what I think this film does it doesn’t cause you to think deeply about life or to ponder on lifes misfortunes but it makes you want to embrace life, and to ask yourself why aren’t I as happy as these people? Well yes none of us are famous movie stars but…. So I’m kinda semi assuming that everyone on this planet has seen this film since it was made in 1952 and yes I know that I am drastically behind the times, however go see this film, it will make your day!


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